I'm specialize in producing short, web-friendly videos that are inspirational, authentic, and proudly showcase people, land and genuine food: farmers, fishers, cheesemakers and the natural food they represent. Usually I use my cutting edge equipement gear (full hd/2k/4K) working with an assistant or , when work is more structured to reach target, i play the creative director role which use national or international technical partner, professional and resilient ; this particular and unique way to work enable me to produce videos around the country and across the world, quickly and efficiently, while focusing on what matters most: people. When i come back home to set up video editing, me and my working partner Roberto Rizzi a musician and music designer of every video produced, we focus on crafting video stories that are real, inspirational, poetic, in paing homage to the rural people and their natural and authentic food.
I have produced hundreds of clips, videos, short documentary for the national television broadcasting, world wide web, social media and along my professional career, first as event creative author but from 1998 also as tv presenter, special envoy or videoreporter and documentarist, during 30 years of work i have developed a unique ability in looking for, find and organize stories to create captivating short videos about rural people, their land, their genuine food production and their personal and professional stories.

Today, I dedicate my time and my know-how to serving the international televisions producing lots of Docu-food, shorts and feature, about people who in their production areas are farming genuine nourish food; i also dedicate to collaborating with the natural food producers and suppliers which decide to tell their stories producing short-video broadcasted during live events or in social media thanks to the truly authentic story-telling ; i also work together with some international and national nonprofit organisations.